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“All kids need the basics of life – like food, warmth, shelter and clothing. But they also need to feel loved and secure. We can help them be safe, strong and thrive.” – Hamed Farmand, COIPI President

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Our History

COIPI was born in August 2014. But the main idea behind the organization was formed years earlier. About 10 years ago, when new organizations for children were created in Iran, the first sprout of COIPI was seen. Since that time, the founders of COIPI were thinking about different ways to protect children, as much as possible, from consequences of parental absence.

Now, COIPI is here to help build a world where no children should have to carry the burden of parental absence alone or forever.



We promote, deliver, and sustain evidenced-based prevention and support programs around the world for children who have experienced psychological or physical trauma from growing up in a home with incarcerated parents.

Our programs nurture and support children of imprisoned parents, as well as educating and providing resources for their parents and members of the judicial and social services community.



For no human being to bear the psychological burden caused by growing up with parents who were imprisoned.

Our Team

We, the members at COIPI, do everything with our core values of honesty, hard work, and trust.
Hamed Farmand
Chuck Appleby
Robin Brooks
Alvin Thomas
Board Member

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