Advocacy and Storytelling for Community Members

Advocacy for Incarcerated mothers' Right

Our goal is to stand for Incarcerated Mothers’ Right in 2017

Education and Skill Building Workshops 

Workshop For Teachers

This workshop is designed to address the needs of public or private schools in helping their teachers to understand the effects of parental incarceration on children so they can support these families as children are prepared to attend school. This program could be given to all teachers as well as children of all ages.

Workshop to Rehabilitation

COIPI’s LCSW-facilitated peer coaching model is designed to offer a series of short, highly focused meetings in which each participant has dedicated time to work on his or her real-life goals or challenges. Members exchange useful coaching and materials to produce action and reflection. Each member takes relevant and realistic actions between meetings. Parents and caregivers improve their knowledge, skills and abilities to care for their children.

Workshop for Caregivers

Children of Incarcerated Parents International, COIPI, exists to serve the needs of children with incarcerated parents.  Hairston (2007) reports that “The arrest and removal of a mother or father from a child’s life forces that child to confront emotional, social, and economic consequences that may trigger behavior problems, poor outcomes in school and a disruption or severance of the relationship with the incarcerated parent that may persist even after the parent is released from prison.”

Storytelling Workshops 

Storytelling for Children

This program is designed for children with or without an incarcerated parent. Hamed’s stories come from his book, Missing Mum, which has been translated from Farsi to English by Elaheh Farmand.