Parents as Role Model for their Children 

Parents as Role Model for their Children 

How do you want your children to behave when they are angry, at a party, or when they need something? They look to you, as their parents, and learn a lot from you.

Studies show that being an example of aggression at home makes for children who are more likely to hit.

Use the model that you wish for your children to grow up with : respect, friendliness, honesty, kindness, tolerance.

This link, gives details about role models and parenting styles.

Children are typically more affected by what you do than what you say as a parent. Children look to their parents and caregivers for an example to follow. Treat your children how you would like your children to treat you and others. Respect your children if you would like them to respect others.

In this link, you can read more about making corrections. We are human. We cannot be right all the time. Nevertheless, it is important to show our children when we regret our mistakes and more importantly how we try to make them right.