Nighttime routines are important as they give kids a sense of security and let them know what to expect next. Over time, a solid routine can reduce power struggles and make a child more cooperative during bedtime. A good routine is all about rhythm, so don’t be afraid to tweak until you find one that works for your child.

A nightly bedtime routine helps your child learn to be sleepy, just like reading in bed often puts adults to sleep. The structure of bedtime routines also associates the bedroom with good feelings, and provides a sense of security and control. Routines can take the stress out of bedtime and help make it a special time.

There is no one right routine that works for everyone, but in general, your routine should include all the things that your child needs to do before going to sleep: including brushing teeth, washing up, putting on PJs, and having a snack or drink of water. Your child may want to be read to, talk about the day, or be told a story. Whatever you choose to do, keep the routine short (30 minutes or less, not including a bath) and be firm about ending it when it’s time to sleep.

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