Re-entry, One of the Biggest Challenges for US Citizens

Re-entry, One of the Biggest Challenges for US Citizens

“Every 24 hours, 2,000 people come home from some form of correctional supervision in America.”

Reentry-1are faced with. In some cases, re-entry citizens go back to prison, not because they couldn’t follow the rules, neither due to their fundamental behavior or thought process; they are victims of a poor system that pushes them to be re-incarcerated.

However, there are some brave people that don’t allow the system to victimize them. They stand up and try to make changes in the re-entry process, even smallest of change.

At second week of November 2014, Mission Launch, Impact Hub DC and some other organizations and individuals created a powerful brainstorming session to positively impact the re-entry process. Small groups brainstorm ideas about solutions that could help society deal with re-entry and solve some obstacles facing re-entry persons.

Those prisoners who come back from prison are faced with many issues: financial, housing, finding jobs, and more. However, both males and females who have children should also re-connect and work on the relationship with their children. In this event, Hamed Farmand, founder of COIPI talks about this problem and tries to connect with other organizations and ex-prisoners to find the better way to support parents who come back from prison.Reentry-2