Children’s Development Eighteen to Twenty-Four Months

Children’s Development Eighteen to Twenty-Four Months

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The development rate is different for each child; therefore, there is a variation in stages of physical, cognitive, and social development.

Most children between ages 18 to 24 months will further develop and become more proficient in their motor skills. Such skills as standing, walking, and crawling, will not be fully developed by the age of eighteen months; children will be able to walk, but not steadily as balance will be developed during the 21 months to 24 months stage. Furthermore, most children aged 18 months will be able to grasp items with their hands, such as hold on to spoons, drink from regular cups without spilling, and turn book pages on their own.

In regards to cognitive and language development, most children have a vocabulary consisting of eight to 10 words by the age of 18 months. Most children this age are able to recognize names and objects, carry out special requests, and use words to express what they want and need. At the age of 24 months, most children will have an increased vocabulary of up to 100-200 words.

Pertaining to social development, most children between the ages of 18 and 24 months will follow directions well and like to help their parents, being able to follow instructions well. They will not, however, be cooperative when it comes to playing with children their age, even though they might play alongside them.

As children develop their social skills, they do so by responding to the influences of others and play an active part in shaping their relationships with those around them. This is evident in the role that playing has on child development since it aids in connecting children with others and build a sense of who they are. In order to learn more about social development, please refer to information in the this link.