The Truth About Gender Neutral Parenting

The Truth About Gender Neutral Parenting

When it comes to parenting, especially as pertains to the earliest stages of a child’s life, most parents have strong views.  It has long been tradition that girls wear pink and boys wear blue.  Girls play with dolls, and boys play with cars.  This upholds the status quo and supposedly produces adults who are conventionally masculine or feminine.

But there have been movements relatively recently that have sought to broaden these narrow categories and dispense with the confining ideas of a stereotypical boy or girl.  This new style of parenting, known as Gender Neutral Parenting (GNP), has garnered both support and criticism.  Those who doubt the movement often hold misconceptions about what GNP is and is not.  The most common of these have been detailed and dispelled below.

One of the most prevalent arguments against GNP is that it encourages homosexuality.  However, most recent research shows that being gay is not something that can be taught or trained.  Instead, it is thought to have a strong genetic component.  Even children raised by gay or lesbian parents don’t have a higher chance of being homosexual themselves.

In a similar fashion, GNP is not restricted to transsexual children.  That it is is an invalid argument in that it is impossible to know a child’s orientation—sexual or otherwise—at the time of birth, much less how to parent accordingly.  The reality is that GNP provides a safe environment for children of trans, non-binary and cisgender orientation alike to explore their likes and dislikes and find their own place on the spectrum, regardless of society’s gender constructs.

The goal of GNP is not to create androgynous individuals or diminish masculinity or femininity.  The objective is to expose children to a wide array of gender types and allow them to freely explore the things that attract them.  GNP aims to cast aside any preconceived notions of gender so that a child may find his or her own spot on the gender spectrum.  But it isn’t enough to simply give a child a roomful of gender-neutral toys—it’s helpful to open a dialogue about the child’s choices.

Ultimately, the goal of parenting—whether gender neutral or not—is to teach individuals how to function in the world at large.  Traditional parenting has taught that girls should be nurturing and emotional, whereas boys should never cry, but instead should make money and play sports.  But things are seldom black and white as such.  GNP attempts to eliminate limits and give children the freedom to be whatever they want.  The most important thing to remember is to let the child’s voice be heard.

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The couple from Walsall said they love their son for who he is. They are raising Max, who turns two later this month, according to a radical technique known as ‘gender-neutral parenting’
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