What are your plans for Holidays?

What are your plans for Holidays?

A special holiday like Christmas has meaning for almost all of us. Being with our family, giving or receiving gifts, planning for a short or long holiday break, and more come just from one word: Christmas.

However, Christmas reminds some families that they are not like others; they are faced with large issues that affect their ability to enjoy the holiday.  Christmas for families with incarcerated members is a time when they feel the empty place left by a loved one who is in prison. Children of incarcerated parents may become anxious or feel uneasy when the calendar reminds them this is a time when almost all families are all together. This can be a lonely time for them.

COIPI is working to establish three workshops

for teachers and social community members, such as librarians, to know more about the lives of children with incarcerated parents–their feelings and needs, especially during holiday time, and learn how to best support them. To run our workshops, we need to secure $1,500 by the end of 2016.

Whatever your holiday plans are, please consider a contribution of $30 or more and join tens of others who are helping us to be a supportive source for children of incarcerated parents.

You can donate to COIPI at http://coipi.org/donate-to-coipi/ or you can write a check make payable to “COIPI” and mail it to the following address:

Children of Imprisoned Parents International
P.O.Box : 181
Merrifield , VA 22116-0181