Workshop for Parents with recent Imprisonment Experience


COIPI’s LCSW-facilitated peer coaching model is designed to offer a series of short, highly focused meetings in which each participant has dedicated time to work on his or her real-life goals or challenges. Members exchange useful coaching and materials to produce action and reflection. Each member takes relevant and realistic actions between meetings. Parents and caregivers improve their knowledge, skills and abilities to care for their children.

COIPI uses LCSWs because of their experience with trauma-based care and their knowledge of resources and health and social systems. Likewise, LCSWs are trained to recognize stress, and will support parents in their planning and choice of behavioral modification, leading to better outcomes for the children. 

COIPI also designed a one-day workshop for released prisoners that has the same objectives as the multi-session program. In our one-day program, we explain the importance of parenting as well as communication and reconnecting to children after release from prison. In this program, COIPI has one LCSW who has work experience with at-risk children and parenting. COIPI’s director, Hamed Farmand, also participates in this program, sharing his experience and knowledge of the effects of parental incarceration on children.

Desired outcomes for children are increased resiliency, positive behavior changes, improved educational engagement, a greater sense of connection with their caregivers, parents, and each other, as well as improved relationships in their lives.

Problem & Solutions

  • The trauma isn’t over when a parent comes back to family after being in prison. One of our biggest responsibilities as a society is to help these families reconnect. Having a healthy and strong connection to a released person helps both children and parent to find a healthy coping style so as not to carry the effects of incarceration for a long period of time.

  • One-day workshop for released prisoners that explains the importance of parenting as well as communication and reconnecting to children after release from prison.

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